Letters to the Editor: What do Israel’s critics have to say about Palestinian violence?

A supporter of Israel holds up a U.S. flag against the background of an Israeli flag at a 2008 demonstration in Westwood.
(Los Angeles Times)

To the editor: Let me start by saying that generally I enjoy reading Robin Abcarian’s columns, which now appear on the Los Angeles Times’ Op-Ed page. This time I have a question for her.

In her piece listing several of her political beliefs, Abcarian says that one can hate the way Israel treats the Palestinians and not be an anti-Semite. Does she have any objection to the way Palestinians treat the citizens of Israel? Does she have any comment on suicide bombings that result in innocent lives lost on buses, streets and cafes? What about teaching children to throw rocks at Israelis?

I’m not talking about rare isolated events, but practices that are so rampant that it is part of everyday life and security checks are conducted at all public events. I was a victim of the rock throwing when I was in Israel.


Vera Knight, Valley Village


To the editor: Abcarian in her new opinion column has listed a few of her main political beliefs, including that “the job of government is to improve people’s lives.”

That is quite broad, nebulous and full of possibilities. It is so different from the familiar phrasing of the Declaration of Independence: “To secure these rights, governments are instituted among men.”

Would she care to elaborate?

Steve Moore, Irvine


To the editor: We should all be glad that Abcarian is going to write regularly on the Op-Ed page.

I have always enjoyed reading her articles and I especially liked this one. She writes in such a forthright manner about her beliefs. I agree with her 100%.

Robin, your article is going up on my refrigerator.

Ann Kreile, San Marcos