Letters to the Editor: LAX figured out how to make itself an even worse airport

Taxis and rideshare vehicles on the departure level at LAX.
(Los Angeles Times)
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To the editor: Moving taxi and rideshare pickups at Los Angeles International Airport to an off-site location accessed only by shuttle buses is worst plan ever devised. You try landing at LAX with three kids, a stroller and six bags to wait for a shuttle, load onto the shuttle and then load off, all with no help.

Why not consider alternatives? For example, make people arriving in private cars go to a drop-off point and make departing passengers take a shuttle, so that public transportation, hotel shuttles and rideshare vehicles can have direct access to arriving passengers.

Why not consider allowing 90 minutes of free parking in the terminal-adjacent garages so no one has to drive around while waiting to pick up passengers? Why not consider clearing out the ground floor of each parking garage to use as staging areas for taxis and rideshare cars?


LAX is one of the least passenger-friendly airports in the world. Is this the welcome we want to give visitors?
The public will be in an uproar over this ill-conceived idea that should be smothered before it gets off the ground.

Robert Meadow, Los Angeles


To the editor: Thank you, Uber and Lyft, for ruining pickups at LAX.

Why can’t the airport keep the traditional, organized taxi stands? Cab drivers didn’t create the chaos that exists now; the “disrupters” did, and now everyone has to suffer.

I’ve remained loyal to taxis and I think LAX should keep that system in place. It’s worked in an efficient and orderly way there for 50 years.

Ann K. Bowman, Santa Monica


To the editor: How are the handicapped, elderly requiring assistance and those with large amounts of luggage going to cope with this new system?


Someone arriving for the first time with several pieces of luggage seeking a cab will require assistance. How do the geniuses at LAX who dreamed up this new plan answer these questions?

Aaron R. Eshman, Santa Monica