Letters to the Editor: Sorry, pharmacy school grads, but California has standards

A pharmacist dispenses antibiotic pills.
(Joe Raedle / Getty Images)

To the editor: The new pharmacy school graduates and hopeful licensees who followed all the rules but must retake the state exam because of a cheating scandal have my sympathy. Granted, this is an inopportune setback, but it will not be the last time their personal and professional desires will give way to the general welfare or the public’s health.

They may say, “My situation is different — I need this to work.” I would reply that they are entering a career that will offer much satisfaction, security and privilege. A few months’ delay will not harm that.

The request by Assemblyman Jim Patterson (R-Fresno) to audit the California State Board of Pharmacy seems like a political move meant to placate a constituent. The villain here is not the state board, but whoever posted exam questions online. That the board found the online cheating and applied the only fair remedy is to its credit.


Minimum entry qualifications and public credibility must be maintained. It is regrettable the system was subverted, but laudable that the offense was discovered.

Richard G. Closson, Santa Barbara

The writer is a pharmacist.