Letters to the Editor: Trump says ‘us’ and ‘we’ when he talks about himself — just like a king

Trump rally in Michigan
President Trump speaks Wednesday at a campaign rally in Battle Creek, Mich.
(Jeff Kowalsky / AFP/Getty Images)

To the editor: As I watched the House vote being tallied on the first article of impeachment, I tuned into Fox News to see how it was covering this event. I found a split screen with Congress on the left and President Trump speaking at his campaign rally in Michigan on the right.

He said something that struck me: “It doesn’t really feel like we’re being impeached. The country is doing better than ever before. We did nothing wrong. We have tremendous support in the Republican Party like we’ve never had before.”

I remembered what he told Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in that July 25 phone call: “I would like you to do us a favor though.” The use of “us” has been cited by Republicans as suggesting that the president wanted a favor for the American people, not himself.


The singular forms of “we” and “us” are, of course, “I” and “me.” This says something about the way Trump, who would be king, thinks. What was meant by this “request” is unambiguously clear. It should be of serious concern to all Americans.

David E. Wohlmuth, Manhattan Beach


To the editor: By all accounts, Trump’s pre-presidential life was chaotic. He loved battles; this is what he believed brought him success and what he believed would make him a successful president.

Trump’s life formula does not work for the nation or its citizens. A successful nation requires predictability and stability, not turmoil.

Government works best when, without fanfare, it provides the services and protections its citizens need. It should, for the most part, be seen but not heard.

We are all tired of the tumult. It’s time for some peace and quiet. It’s time for Trump and his life formula to vanish from our lives.


Irving Greines, Los Angeles