Letters to the Editor: Today’s Democrats really are extreme on abortion and open borders

Democratic debate
All candidates on stage during the June 27, 2019, Democratic debate raise their hands when asked if they would provide healthcare coverage to immigrants here illegally.
(Wilfredo Lee / Associated Press)

To the editor: At least two writers to the L.A. Times attack conservatives for saying that many Democrats want to legalize full-term abortion and have open borders, saying they never heard of a Democrat who had those views.

I can’t imagine where they are hiding. At least two states, New York and Virginia, legalized full-term abortion in certain circumstances, and when asked about limits on abortion, all Democrats at one debate could only say that it was a woman’s choice.

Likewise, not one of the debaters was willing to articulate when someone should be deported for illegally entering the country, and all raised their hand when asked if undocumented immigrants should be covered by a government healthcare plan. Even abolishing U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement has been a popular position.

David Goodwin, Pasadena



To the editor: I have refrained from commenting before, but the continued brouhaha over Jennings’ misuse of the word “abortion” must be countered with facts.

Abortion is defined as the loss of a pregnancy or termination thereof before viability, which today is 23-24 weeks of pregnancy. Anything later counts as the death of a fetus, either premature or full-term, and not an abortion.

Dr. Arthur A. Fleisher II, Northridge

The writer is a retired obstetrician and gynecologist.


To the editor: In regard to Jennings’ piece and the letters printed in reply, nowhere in the op-ed article did I see the words “democracy” or “Constitution.” It appears Jennings would be happy with a theocracy based on his beliefs.

David Youmans, Malibu