Letters to the Editor: Why does the left insist on hating Trump despite the roaring economy?


To the editor: It wasn’t surprising to read your editorial board’s assessment of President Trump before he delivered his State of the Union address. You bashed and belittled everything he’s done even while begrudgingly admitting that the nation’s economy is doing just fine.

As for the cynical “body politic” and cultural tribalism in Washington that you blame on Trump, I believe the mainstream media have been responsible for most of it and have exacerbated the divisions that plague our union.

In reality, the country is doing great right now and in so many more ways than it ever did under President Obama, and that’s what you really despise about our current president. He’s winning and you can’t stand it.


Charles Reilly, Manhattan Beach


To the editor: Thank you for your comprehensive view of the real state of the union.

However, the editorial contrasts the economic expansion with the negative aspects of the union such as cultural tribalism and economic inequality. I don’t see the contrast.

Many Trump supporters I know cite the increasing value of the 401(k) accounts as the biggest reason to vote for the president. Therefore, the big picture I see is a toxic, selfish materialism and consumerism being held as a virtue when our current challenges require us to tighten our belts, put a check on our consumerism, and work together to create a sustainable future.

The real state of the union is not about the union at all, but about how each of us can game the system or our union in our favor, and to hell with everyone else.

Maggie Light, Carpinteria