Letters to the Editor: Mitt Romney and Adam Schiff emerge from Trump impeachment as American heroes

Mitt Romney
Sen. Mitt Romney at the Capitol on Jan. 24. He was the lone Republican to vote for removing Trump.
(Mario Tama / Getty Images)

To the editor: This week, I witnessed some of the best and worst in politics. (“Senate acquits Trump in impeachment trial; Romney breaks with GOP to vote for conviction,” Feb. 5)

House impeachment manager Rep. Adam B. Schiff will go down as one of the most eloquent and compelling orators in Congress’ history. His patriotic and thorough case for convicting President Trump, who was acquitted by the Senate, is without comparison.

As a Republican, I have never been so proud of Sen. Mitt Romney as I am today. This is a man of true courage and conviction. By voting to remove Trump from office, he stood in heroic contrast to his Republican colleagues.


In contrast to Schiff and Romney, the president’s State of the Union address was an outpouring of lies and self-serving propaganda. Trump’s servile supporters whooped it up as if they were at one of his rallies.

Luckily, my primary ballot arrived in the mail this week. I immediately voted for Republican Bill Weld, the former governor of Massachusetts, for president.

Ken Blalack, La Mesa


To the editor: To all the Democrats and the media showering Romney with approbation for his vote to convict on impeachment, try this thought experiment: Would you be hailing Romney as a hero if only one article of impeachment was brought, the one alleging obstruction of Congress?

Of course not, because he would have voted to acquit on that count — as he did. But however sincere and meritorious that vote was, it doesn’t meet your political goal of damaging Trump. In fact, he’d be painted as a political coward for doing precisely what he actually did, which was to vote to acquit on that count.

Partisanship, as they say, is a strong drug.

Robert Chapman, Downey



To the editor: I am embarrassed to say that as deeply tuned in as I am to the American political scene, I could not stand to watch the display of perfidy on my television each day during the Senate impeachment trial. I would listen to the analysis of the day’s events each evening, but I just couldn’t stomach it live.

It is during dismal times as this that we need heroes in our lives more than ever.

Appropriately, Schiff gained so much positive attention during the impeachment trial for speaking the truth. And Romney, standing alone among his Republican colleagues, showed us that not all hope is lost.

It is in a time like this that we need these heroes the most.

Lynn Lorenz, Newport Beach


To the editor: History will remember that, among Republicans, only Romney stood for the rule of law, our Constitution and faithfulness to the “impartial justice” oath each senator took.

The Democratic Party in Utah should refrain from fielding Senate candidates against Romney for the remainder of his career. All of us should respect the integrity, strength and commitment to duty that Romney demonstrated.

If President John F. Kennedy were alive, he would surely write a new chapter about Romney in his book “Profiles in Courage.”


Ray McKown, Torrance