Letters to the Editor: If Bloomberg wanted to beat Trump, why isn’t he running as a Republican?

Mike Bloomberg
Presidential candidate Michael R. Bloomberg speaks at a campaign rally in Nashville on Feb. 13, 2020.
(Getty Images)

To the editor: If former New York Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg wants to beat President Trump, I don’t understand why he decided to run as a Democrat instead of as a Republican. (“George McGovern in 1972 is a cautionary tale for Bernie Sanders supporters,” letters, Feb. 19)

As a Democrat he has to climb over the backs of 10 other good candidates. As a Republican, he can go head-to-head against Trump right now. His arguments could be influential enough to gain the support of Republican members of Congress and GOP voters.

Republican lawmakers are following Trump like sheep regardless of their personal views. Do they all really believe climate change is not a threat? Are they really OK with his behavior toward women, his bigoted statements, disdain for other world leaders, low moral character, lies, narcissism, poor treatment of federal employees and more?


Bloomberg could have at least given them a strong option. His candidacy as a Republican would attract independent voters and give the party a good chance to win in November.

In any event, I will vote for the nominee who ends up running against Trump.

Arthur Kagan, Woodland Hills


To the editor: If Bloomberg really wanted to defeat Trump, he’d buy up all of Trump’s debt and call it in. Today.

But Bloomberg won’t because he’s not really running to defeat Trump. He’s running to defeat Sen. Bernie Sanders and the progressive influence over our government.

The billionaires and the corporations are scared to death of losing control over the United States that they’ve worked to build since 1980.

Brian Dzyak, Northridge



To the editor: I’m a confused Democrat. As long as I can remember, the American dream is to work hard and do well. Has that changed to work hard and do well, but not too well?

Why should someone who has lived the American dream and done very, very well be excluded from the presidency?

Elaine Lubkin, Los Angeles