Letters to the Editor: GM, killer of its first electric car, now wants to spend billions on them?

Mary Barra
General Motors CEO Mary Barra speaks at an event touting the Chevy Bolt.
(Tony Ding / Associated Press)

To the editor: As someone who leased two of General Motors’ electric vehicles (the EV1) in the mid- to late 1990s, I had to laugh while reading about the company’s plan to invest more in this market.

With the EV1, GM had an opportunity 30 years ago to be the leader of the electric vehicle revolution. It obviously blew it when in 2003 Rick Wagoner, GM’s chief executive at the time, not so quietly killed the EV1 project.

Now here’s the laughable part: GM is going to exhume the Hummer and resurrect it electrically. Of all the cars, why the Hummer? It is undeniably the most unfriendly looking, un-aerodynamic, hulking tank. Is that really part of GM’s plan to move forward in 2020?

Then again, GM is known for making huge blunders and sticking with dated ideas and designs.


So, I have a question: Why do you think GM’s Chevy Bolt electric vehicle is not getting much traction? One only has to compare the specifications and looks of the Bolt to those of Tesla’s Model 3 to know the answer.

Tim L’Amoureux, Los Angeles

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