Letters to the Editor: Democrats, start acting like you have a presidential nominee

Joe Biden rally
Former Vice President Joe Biden, second from left, is joined at a March 9 campaign rally in Detroit by, from left, supporters California Sen. Kamala Harris, Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker.
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To the editor: The most salient news emerging from Tuesday’s primaries was the continued trend of large numbers of Democrats voting and expressing their anger toward President Trump.

Unlike 2016, Democratic primary voters, especially in Michigan, have been highly motivated and are taking Trump seriously. This may be a good indicator of what will transpire in November. It’s time for the Democratic Party to unite and pivot to the general election.

The focus of the Democratic campaign should be on empathy, humanity, decency and compassion — the biggest Trump deficits and liabilities. In view of the crises faced by the nation, most recently the coronavirus threat, Americans are looking for stability, rationality and a steady hand.

Richard Cherwitz, Austin, Texas



To the editor: Biden is the equivalent of Hillary Clinton in 2016. He is the Democratic Party-anointed presidential candidate as she was, and he will lose to Trump as she did.

Sen. Bernie Sanders is the anti-Trump. He is honest, to the point and he tells the truth. He will carry the voters the Democrats forgot in 2016, the blue-collar workers who voted for Trump and are a good part of his base. Also, he would trounce Trump in a debate.

By nominating former Vice President Joe Biden, Democrats are not choosing moderation, they are choosing weakness.


Ricardo Nicol, San Clemente


To the editor: The advice “keep calm” has been given quite often lately. We hear it everywhere. These words are extremely important regarding just about everything in our world at this very moment.

I am hopeful Biden will gauge his words, make sure he’s at least 100 steps ahead of Trump and above all, show us the calm, considerate and compassionate traits we so desperately need in our president.

Denise Gee, San Clemente


To the editor: Now that Biden is the likely Democratic nominee, I believe the best strategy for him will be not to debate Trump at all.

The president is a master blowhard. Biden cannot hope to have a reasonable dialogue with Trump, so why bother giving him that platform?


There were other Democratic candidates more equipped to verbally joust with Trump’s bloviation, but they will not be on the debate stage, and neither should Biden. There is no advantage to it, only downside.

The former vice president should run on his resume and let Trump petulantly fulminate.

Peter Fox, Ojai


To the editor: Sanders should just hang in there. Who knows what might happen between now and the party convention this summer?

Dave Thoma, Ventura

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