Letters to the Editor: It’s finally time to demand Trump’s resignation over coronavirus

Trump and Pence
Vice President Mike Pence speaks to President Trump during the White House coronavirus briefing on April 23.
(Drew Angerer / Getty Images)

To the editor: It is time for major newspapers to call for President Trump’s resignation. Although his behavior should have led to his removal long ago, his actions during the pandemic are so beyond the pale that we cannot wait the eight months until former Vice President Joe Biden might be inaugurated (“Trump’s improvised medicine show prompts frantic health warnings,” April 24).

Trump has minimized and mismanaged the crisis; forced states to compete against each other for crucial medical supplies, which the Federal Emergency Management Agency has confiscated; mused on camera about the efficacy of injecting disinfectants; and lied about all of this when confronted.

We have months if not years ahead in the fight against coronavirus, and the U.S. cannot waste more time with Trump in charge. As a lifelong Democrat, I would definitely put my trust in Vice President Mike Pence — someone whose politics are anathema to me — over the president until January 2021.


Jordan Deglise Moore, Los Angeles


To the editor: While the limelight has addictive qualities, I believe Trump needs to withdraw from it. His addiction to the limelight has rendered him senseless.

My husband is a doctor. He and his fellow healthcare workers now have to take precious time out of their overwhelming task of saving lives not only to procure protective equipment, testing kits and accurate information, but also to tell their desperate and scared patients that household disinfectants are indeed poisonous.

Even if the president’s comments were sarcastic, they have no place in a formal briefing about this pandemic that has taken more than 55,000 American lives.

Anne Boulware-Albert, San Clemente


To the editor: Usually I don’t kill bugs that get into the house. But recently I turned on a light in a dark room and saw a very big roach on the floor. I had to get it.


There was nothing handy to use before it would have scurried away, so I stomped on it. That killed the bug. I had a revelation.

The next morning I called my doctor and asked him if he could get some research going to find out if stomping on patients’ lungs would kill the coronavirus bug. My doctor told me to shut up, but many people are now talking about this very great idea for a cure.

Ira Spiro, Los Angeles