Letters to the Editor: Coronavirus might cause us to eat less meat? Good

Tyson Foods poultry plant
Tyson Foods workers wear protective masks and stand between plastic dividers at the company’s Camilla, Ga., poultry processing plant.
(Tyson Foods / Associated Press)

Too the editor: COVID-19 is a multiple-level disaster, make no mistake about that. But there is some silver lining, and a meat shortage could be one. (“Trump’s meat supply fix is a recipe for coronavirus disaster,” editorial, April 29)

I chose to stop eating meat seven years ago and have been healthier in mind and body since. Meat is not necessary for good health. I used to love bacon, ham, steak and burgers as much as anyone else, but I have not missed them since I gave up meat.

You can do it too. Take advantage of the looming shortage by giving up meat. You will be healthier and reduce your impact on the ability of the Earth to sustain us, as meat production wastes vital resources. You will save a little money as well.


Guy Hallman, Oceanside


To the editor: Great decision to order meat processing plants to stay open, President Trump!

After all, what’s wrong with subjecting slaughterhouse workers to sickness and possible death as long as Americans can have ham and hot dogs for sale in our grocery stores?

No one can say the president doesn’t have his priorities in proper order.

Kim Hemphill, South Riding, Va.


To the editor: Trump’s lack of leadership has made preventing a meat supply shortage in this country an either-or situation.

He could have required meat processing plants to remain open, but only if they had protective gear for their workers, observed social distancing rules and had COVID-19 testing. Yes, this would cost the businesses and possibly taxpayers some money, but people are worth it.

Instead, he put the lives of workers and community members who don’t work in the plants in danger. I will respond to Trump’s edict by boycotting all products made by Tyson Foods Inc., Smithfield Foods Inc., Jimmy Dean, Hillshire Farm, Sanderson Farms Inc., JBS and Cargill Inc.


Ada Hand, Huntington Beach