Letters to the Editor: She’s 73 and is fine with a younger COVID patient taking a ventilator

COVID-19 patient
Nurses at Desert Valley Medical Group in Victorville attend to a COVID-19 patient on a ventilator on April 28.
(Los Angeles Times)

To the editor: When I was 27, a friend’s brother died in a plane crash. He was 23. When I was 46, a boy in my daughter’s high school died in a swimming pool accident. He was 17. When I was 50, a friend the same age suffered a cerebral aneurysm and was dead within 24 hours. (“Rationing COVID-19 treatment to the elderly and disabled is illegal and immoral,” letters, April 30)

When I was 52, my brother-in-law died at age 61. My mother was dismayed: “He’s gone and I’m still here? That’s ridiculous.”

I’m with her.

I am now 73 and lucky to still be here. I’d love to live for a while longer, but if it comes to a choice between me and a younger person with COVID-19, then I’m OK with not being given the last ventilator.


Triage is the process by which medical personnel figure out how they can best save the most people. Let’s allow them to base the decision on which patients have the best chance of surviving.

Janice Blake, Manhattan Beach