Letters to the Editor: Of course elites hate suburban sprawl. Don’t listen to them

Granada Hills
An aerial view of the Granada Hills neighborhood of Los Angeles.
(Los Angeles Times)

To the editor: The letters that condemn suburban sprawl are written by elitists who regard the rest of us as being too stupid to choose for ourselves how to live.

Sprawl is a good thing to be encouraged because it provides houses that people can afford to buy. This type of homeownership gives people dignity.

It should be noted that, in plain English, “high density” means “crowded,” a word the anti-sprawl elite dares not use, as this would surely be a turnoff.

It is time to build single-family homes — real homes — again, ones that are not jammed up against each other, and the only homes that can be all yours.


Steven Pedersen, Rancho Palos Verdes


To the editor: Thanks to UC San Diego professor James Sallis for his well-stated response to the misguided notion that the coronavirus pandemic vindicates the skeptics of urban density.

With the Earth’s population expanding rapidly, we must look to more environmentally friendly, pedestrian-friendly, low-cost, high-density housing if we are to survive. To deny this in the face of one virus is absolutely shortsighted.

Marjorie Harbison, San Dimas