Letters to the Editor: If you blame Trump for everything, you have ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome’

President Trump at the White House.
(Getty Images)

To the editor: The L.A. Times summarized the views of three letter writers who responded dismissively to claims they suffer from “Trump Derangement Syndrome.” What’s truly remarkable about this view is how exclusive it is.

President Trump, to the exclusion of everything else, is seen as the source and cause of all the nation’s problems. If you remove the cause of the problems — Trump — then you remove the problems.

What this TDS view doesn’t see is that people are going to wake up one morning when Trump is no longer president, and there will still be coronavirus problems, economic problems, immigration problems and problems with North Korea, China and the Middle East.

Blaming one person for everything and pretending that his removal will fix our problems is really overstating their case.


Bill Gravlin, Rancho Palos Verdes


To the editor: As one who suffers from TDS, I thought it would be useful to detail my symptoms.

Sufferers are outraged that he lies about matters great and small whenever it suits him, and we are appalled when he insults and belittles the leaders of our democratic allies but praises authoritarians.

We are also distressed when he appoints people to lead important regulatory agencies who are ignorant of the mission of the agencies or have spent their careers obstructing them. We also regard his attempts to present himself as a leader pathetic in light of his repeated displays of ignorance.

Those who do not suffer from TDS find these behaviors acceptable and even admirable. Is there a name for that kind of derangement?

James Smith, Los Angeles


To the editor: How easily we forget. It was not very long ago that we were basking in health, wealth and a very strong economy.

Now that the coronavirus roof has fallen down on the nation (and the world), at no fault of the president, the naysayers are coming out of the woodwork to throw out innuendos and other unfounded accusations against the president. They make statements about his inability to show empathy or that he is completely incompetent and morally reprehensible.

Be fair, people. Rise above your prejudices against this president and open your eyes as to what he had accomplished before this pandemic hit.

John T. Kirages, Arcadia