Letters to the Editor: If the Golden State Killer doesn’t deserve the death penalty, no one does

 Joseph James DeAngelo Jr.
Sacramento County sheriff’s deputies wheel Joseph James DeAngelo Jr. into court.
(Associated Press)

To the editor: Now that the Golden State Killer has admitted to 13 murders and dozens of burglaries, kidnappings, rapes and sadistic tortures, in exchange for prosecutors throughout California not seeking the death penalty, the fallacy that capital punishment is a necessary deterrent to violent crime can finally be shelved.

If prosecutors chose not to execute this vicious vindictive predator, then no other person should be deemed eligible for the ultimate punishment.

Joseph James DeAngelo Jr., who happens to be an ex-police officer, is the definition of “the worst of the worst,” and if he doesn’t merit the death penalty, no one else should. No serial killer, child murderer or hard-core gang member has left a wake of death and destruction like this sociopath.

If DeAngelo will not sit on death row, no one should be on death row. End this farce, save billions of dollars, and stop state-sanctioned homicide.

Michael Canada, Agoura