Letters to the Editor: Californians are still afraid of COVID-19; we’re just tired of avoiding other humans

A child plays in his neighborhood street while wearing a face mask in Redondo Beach on April 5.
(Los Angeles Times)

To the editor: The L.A. Times’ article on Californians losing their fear of COVID-19 had it partly right. I think we are just tired of being afraid, of having those things that bond us pulled away from us, of being afraid of other people

Since March my life has been more complicated and my work more stressful, but the things that once helped me get through the day are no longer there. I work in the libraries at the state prison here in Lancaster. It is sometimes satisfying, but often stressful. My ways of cushioning that stress are visiting museums, church and other places. Since March I have had none of these.

At work we had a COVID-19 outbreak, and inmates could not come to the library. That led to more stress.


Human beings are not meant to be separate. When trouble comes we huddle together. Now we are told that is dangerous. That lack of human touch is almost as detrimental as the disease.

I’m sick to death of being responsible and understanding. Does that mean I won’t wear a mask? No, because I am a responsible person. Does that mean I’ll get close to other people? No, or at least not right now.

Elizabeth Rocke, Lancaster


To the editor: I am outraged at all kinds of nonsense right now, but especially at people who have been minimizing this pandemic from the beginning. Their contribution to the catastrophe unfolding in the United States should never be forgotten.

No, this is not just the flu. No, the Swedish model wasn’t worth anything. No, Bill Gates is not scheming. You just picked and chose your facts.

The government isn’t trying to control you, and social distancing is neither a coercion technique nor a grand plan to alter human psychology. Old people aren’t the only ones at risk, and masks mandates are not slavery.

Shame on you for contributing to the torrent of ignorance and stupidity that pushed us in the downward spiral we find ourselves in today. Shame on you for wanting to be right against science, for picking and choosing facts so you can teach and spread a controversy that exists in your head only.

The alleged controversies you’re propagating only serve to support the incompetence of those who govern us. They actually delay our return to a normal life and end up costing lives and jobs.

Shame on you for playing a part in spreading stupidity.

Eric Bescher, Hollywood