Letters to the Editor: Trump mislabels Biden’s climate plan as hard-left. Actually, it’s a starting point

Joe Biden
Joe Biden
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To the editor: You don’t have to be a flaming liberal to realize the need for all presidential candidates to provide a detailed plan for confronting climate change. Presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden’s comment that climate change will “define our American future” is no exaggeration.

Conservatives concerned about such traditional GOP values as free-market capitalism, national defense, and our international standing should demand that President Trump present his plan for establishing the U.S. as the leader in sustainable energy technologies.

Biden’s strategy for addressing our changing climate and the economy that accompanies it is hardly the “hard-left crusade against American energy” that Trump labels it to be. Rather, it is a starting point from which Congress will shape policies that insure our country’s future success and safety.


President Trump, where is your plan?

Sarah Menoher Freifeld, Valencia


To the editor: Biden is smart to work with Sen. Bernie Sanders’ policy teams and citizen movements on major issues, especially climate change.

Everyone should be heartened as he incorporates the climate movement’s best ideas with an urgency that groups like the youthful Sunrise organization promote: renewable energy expansion and fossil fuel elimination, building efficiency, transportation transformation and more — all creating jobs and environmental justice.

It is puzzling, then, that he has not yet embraced carbon fee and dividend when economists insist it will rapidly price fossil fuels out of the market while making renewable technologies more affordable.

The dividend accrued from the fossil fuel tax, distributed to all Americans, would provide a much-needed economic boost to families hit by the economic downturn, furthering the goal of economic justice.

Let’s hope Biden looks again at the multiple benefits of a national price on carbon.

Sharon Markenson, Woodland Hills