Letters to the Editor: Like Trump, Ronald Reagan ignored a pandemic that killed thousands

President Ronald Reagan in 1981
President Reagan in 1981.
(American Vantage Media)

To the editor: Thanks to Daniel S. Lucks for pointing out the line of racism leading directly from Ronald Reagan to Donald Trump.

I am a gay American, and I will never forgive Reagan’s memory for allowing tens of thousands of gay men to die before he uttered the word “AIDS” publicly.

Trump has already outdone his predecessor by allowing COVID-19 to kill several times that number, a disproportionate share of whom are Black and Latino. Each of these men passively eliminated people who didn’t vote for them.

John Kluge, North Hollywood


To the editor: Kudos to Lucks for tracing the roots of President Trump’s racism to that of Ronald Reagan.


Indeed, from racist “dog whistles” to prevention of healthcare access, science denial, income inequality and a host of other issues, it is a straight line from Ronald to Donald, and not a very long one at that.

Evan Puziss, Mar Vista