Letters to the Editor: Dementia test? Biden should challenge Trump to take the SAT

President Trump speaks in the White House Oval Office on July 15.
(Associated Press)

To the editor: The outlandish pride that President Trump exudes for “acing” a 10-minute dementia “test” should prompt presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden to, well, put him to the test.

Biden might suggest that they both take the SAT that is given to high school students seeking college admission. However, Trump may claim that Biden has an undue advantage, where he presumably once took the SAT himself while Trump — per his niece’s lately surfaced allegations — had a capable stand-in spare him that ordeal.

So perhaps they both could take the Graduate Record Examinations, commonly administered to college grads.

Just don’t tell Trump that it tests for subjects in which his expertise has appeared so lacking over the last four years: college-level vocabulary and verbal reasoning, plus basic math concepts.

Glenda Martel, Los Angeles


To the editor: Biden may be prone to “gaffes” and has a “propensity to say weird things,” but at least he’s not a serial, compulsive liar like Trump.


Oh, and by the way, he also doesn’t possess those other pesky, minor Trump attributes like being incompetent, corrupt, a racist, a demagogue, an authoritarian and now a budding fascist.

Michael Asher, Valley Village


To the editor: Glad to know Trump passed his dementia test. Now please tell us, specifically, what it was his doctors (and others?) saw that made them think it was important for Trump to take it.

Jody Reichel, Culver City