Opinion: ‘Trump’s supporters live in denial’ — readers pile on a pro-Trump letter to the editor

President Trump enters the White House press briefing room on Aug. 5.
(Associated Press)

As President Trump’s standing in opinion polls falls and his handling of the coronavirus pandemic continues to come under withering criticism, letter writers expressing support for him rarely defend his record as much as they disparage his opponents. So, when a pro-Trump reader sent us a letter praising the president for his job performance (while taking a few easy shots at his critics, including the L.A. Times), I did not balk at publishing it.

That didn’t sit well with some readers. About three dozen sent us responses, and all but a few of them took issue with the decision to publish the letter or the writer’s assessment of the Trump presidency as “promises made, promises kept.” Here is what some of them said.

Brian Symington of Los Angeles recaps some of Trump’s most notable pledges:


The letter from the Trump supporter is shocking in its ignorance of reality. He wrote that Trump’s record is one of “promises made, promises kept.”

Hillary Clinton is not in prison, Mexico has not paid for a wall, the coronavirus has not disappeared, the economy is in a shambles, and the U.S. is currently a global laughingstock.

Unfortunately, many of Trump’s supporters live in denial.

Catherine Crook of Camarillo explains “obsessions” over race, class and gender:

The pro-Trump reader ends his letter by saying he will take “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness over obsessions about race, gender and class any day.”

White, straight, reasonably well-off males have had little to no impediments to their rights since the country’s beginning. Women, however, weren’t enfranchised until 1920 and still are underrepresented in public and private leadership. We earn less than men for comparable work.

Nonwhite people have had to struggle through endless impediments to their ability to enjoy life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, as have nonstraight people and people living below the poverty line. We have to “obsess” over race, gender and class if we want to enjoy equal rights.

Thus, we will not stop agitating.

Marylane Graham of Costa Mesa was pleasantly surprised:


It is no secret that the L.A. Times has a negative opinion of the president, so I was amazed and very pleased to see that it printed this letter. I agree with the opinion that Trump’s record is one of “promises made, promises kept,” and I will also cast my vote for him this November.

Most of today’s media have been negative and insulting to this president and his family. I hope that the L.A. Times will become more balanced on its opinion page.

D.J. Ponder of Torrance notes a contradiction:

What peculiar thinking of a local resident seeking life liberty and pursuit of happiness, but supporting a would-be monarchial autocrat. Preventing the coronation is what the Democratic Party’s efforts are all about.