Letters to the Editor: California’s blackouts prove it: We still need oil and gas for energy

Power lines
Power lines carry electricity from the natural gas-fired AES Power Plant in Redondo Beach in 2019.
(Los Angeles Times)

To the editor: The rolling blackouts in California recently were not the result of a “perfect storm,” as some officials claim. Blackouts are the direct result of poor planning. (“The power went out. Now California might let these gas plants stay open,” Aug. 24)

Gov. Gavin Newsom said it right: This failure of planning is unacceptable. Every Californian deserves reliable energy and fuels for our homes and businesses. We deserve public servants who stand up to ineffective regulators and hysterical activists.

Without stronger leadership, we’ll continue to see an increase in blackouts. We need leaders who will acknowledge oil and gas must be part of California’s near-term energy mix. Policies that demonize oil, natural gas and the people working in our industry are not only unhelpful; they do nothing to provide safe, affordable and reliable energy.


Renewables are important; it’s why so many oil and gas companies are bringing them online. We need more policymakers who will admit as others have: Decisions should be made because of science, not political science.

Cathy Reheis-Boyd, Sacramento

The writer is president of the Western States Petroleum Assn.