Letters to the Editor: Kids need to be back in school. Our only option is to end the pandemic

Zoom school
Kindergarten teacher Diana Torres gives live instruction to her students on her computer at St. Joseph Catholic Elementary School in La Puente on Sept. 21.
(Los Angeles Times)

To the editor: Parents and teachers may soon be faced with a horrible choice: Send children to school, where they likely will be exposed to COVID-19, or participate in distance learning, which often leads to emotional distress, depression and other psychological issues (“Remote learning has created a new audience for an old ritual: Crying in school,” Sept. 24).

Neither option is healthy. Since we all want what’s best for our children, there is only one solution: Do everything possible to end the pandemic.

If every single person would adhere to the clear guidelines on mask wearing, distancing and washing hands, we’d have a shot at getting the children back to school.


Cheryl Ortega, Los Angeles


To the editor: Struggling to work from home while caring for their baby and their first grader in the Los Angeles Unified School District, my daughter and son-in-law are lucky. They have the benefit of a gifted and patient teacher, online aides, enrichment classes and “Grandma and Grandpa school.”

Most LAUSD kids do not have these advantages.

Has Grandma also wanted to cry while helping during Zoom hours? More than once, but I know our family will be fine. I’m not so sure about others.

Tears will not change that reality, but our determination will. We must pour resources into education. Our state’s future depends on it, and our children deserve it.

Roza Besser, Calabasas