Letters to the Editor: It’s ‘COVID, COVID, COVID’ because 230,000 Americans are dead

President Trump removes his mask upon arrival at the White House
President Trump removes his mask upon arrival at the White House after leaving the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.
(Getty Images)

To the editor: At one of his campaign stops, President Trump complained about the media’s focus on COVID-19, mockingly repeating the word. He speculated that a plane crash with 500 people on board does not get as much coverage as the pandemic. (“Traveling with Trump is a cognitive dissonance carnival,” Nov. 1)

In the United States, we are now having about equivalent of two of these planes crash daily, for the last 230 days, with no end in sight. It happens quietly, with only fatigued and despondent hospital staff members as witnesses.

Would he let the airlines continue to fly if this was how Americans were dying? Would he encourage us to buy tickets because it is good for the economy? Yet, he continues to ignore the scientists and doctors or to provide a plan to address this pandemic.


Perhaps if these 230,000-plus bodies were piled up on the ground for all to witness, he would show more concern.

Patricia Jordan, Van Nuys


To the editor: After reading the article, I don’t know how you can call Eli Stokols a news reporter. He could be an opinion writer or maybe a pundit, but anyone who is so biased against the president he is supposed to be covering is not a reporter.

If Eli is really looking for “rambles,” maybe he should switch places with someone from The Times covering former Vice President Joe Biden.

Tom Blood, Huntington Beach