Letters to the Editor: Voter suppression backfired. That doesn’t mean the GOP didn’t try hard

A voter casts her ballot in Azusa on Tuesday.
A voter casts her ballot at a polling station inside the main prayer hall of the Masjid Al-Fatiha mosque in Azusa on Tuesday.
(Los Angeles Times)

To the editor: An inmate is on death row for years. Finally, just before the date of execution, a judge orders a retrial. The inmate is exonerated and released from prison. Rather than say, “I am sorry for the loss and pain your unjust false conviction caused you,” prosecutors like to say, “See, the release proves our criminal justice system works.”

The same absurd logic is applied by Republican strategist Scott Jennings when he says, “God bless everyone who has proved the voter suppression narrative to be completely farcical.” The fact that so many voters overcame so many obstacles put in their way by Republican lawmakers does not prove the suppression allegation a myth.

The high voter turnout by Democrats only proves they are angry and will act in defiance of Republican politicians who impose Jim Crow-like suppression tactics on them.


Elliot Fein, Trabuco Canyon


To the editor: Jennings states, “You might not care if a Pennsylvania energy worker is laid off, but I am sure that person’s spouse and kids do.”

Being laid off is scary. But it wouldn’t have to be if we ensured support for laid-off workers and provided them with job training, possibly in the renewable energy industry.

Some conservatives, like Jennings, see supporting clean energy as a threat to the economy. This is like defending the buggy whip industry, except that buggy whips never threatened the planet and all its inhabitants.

Fossil fuels, in addition to causing climate change, have contributed to extensive pollution of our air, land and water. Clean energy is a boon to human health and the environment. It is the wave of the future.

China is determined to be at the forefront of this technology. We will abandon our world leadership role if we drag our feet.

Grace Bertalot, Anaheim