Letters to the Editor: Democrats, stop being smug technocrats and start listening to Trump supporters

Joe Biden speaks at a lectern with wife Jill by his side.
Joe Biden speaks to supporters in Wilmington, Del., on Nov. 4.
(Associated Press)

To the editor: This has been a difficult, emotional time for so many of us. What Democrats must not do is pat themselves on their backs, take a deep breath and prepare to do it all over again in four years. (“No blue wave — or winner — as election outcome waits on a long count,” Nov. 3)

Thousands of young, smart, caring people have gotten involved in politics. Let’s take advantage of this extraordinary opportunity.

Many would be willing to visit “red” counties and really talk to people to find out what they need, want and expect from their government. Let’s not ask if they voted for former Vice President Joe Biden or against President Trump. Let’s not ask them to rank issues that they think are important.


Just ask and listen. Responses will be difficult to rank and analyze, but we have four years to get this right. We should know by now that traditional polling is ridiculous and worthless.

So many young people want a better world for all of us. I’m in, and I’ll do this work on my own dime.

Sandy Pollack, West Hollywood


To the editor: Whatever the final result is, it is quite clear that there was no “blue wave.” The numbers are surprisingly very close across the board.

Many people who supported Biden did so because they were really voting against Trump. It appears that national support for the progressive agenda is not as strong as has been portrayed in the media.

The next president will serve a very polarized nation and must tread slowly and carefully when dealing with virtually every issue. Now is not the time for radical proposals and programs from either side.

Neal Rein, Westlake Village