Letters to the Editor: Democrats are subdued because Biden wouldn’t have beaten a generic Republican

Demonstrators rally outside the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia, where votes are being counted.
Demonstrators rally outside the Pennsylvania Convention Center where votes are being counted in Philadelphia on Friday.
(Rebecca Blackwell / Associated Press)

To the editor: Columnist Virginia Heffernan asks why Democrats weren’t dancing when it became obvious Joe Biden would win the election.

Let’s do the Pepsi challenge. If the average voter were given a list of President Trump’s accomplishments, and had they been achieved by someone other than Trump, that candidate would have been reelected in a landslide.

However, half the country chose a different path because of the president’s behavior and because the media continuously beat the drum on how horrible a man he was. But even that would not have been enough to push Biden over the line. The COVID-19 pandemic did that.


Heffernan asks: “How in the world could Biden not even win Florida? With all those old people worried about COVID-19?”

That’s easy. Republicans care about personal responsibility; their message is that if you use all precautions, the odds are overwhelming that you will be fine. In contrast, the Democrats prefer the nanny state.

Well, Trump was never going to tuck you in at night, ergo President-elect Biden.

Keith Hagaman, Marina del Rey


To the editor: Heffernan captured my mood exactly. The nice bottle of champagne that I had originally planned to open when I closed a big deal was promoted to a Biden-Harris celebration. A less expensive bottle of prosecco will fill in for the business celebration.

Then, with Trump’s postelection fascist antics, I was losing my enthusiasm. No more: Not only did I pop the cork on the more expensive bubbly, I also blasted Alice Cooper’s song “Elected.”

I am also flying my flag.

Liz White, Los Angeles