Letters to the Editor: It’s time for the media to start ignoring Donald Trump

President Trump looks at supporters from inside a vehicle as he leaves Trump National Golf Club in Sterling, Va., on Nov. 8.
President Trump looks at supporters as he leaves Trump National Golf Club in Sterling, Va., on Nov. 8 after playing golf.
(Associated Press)

To the editor: After the most excruciating week in recent U.S. election history, commentators are now speculating as to whether President Trump will concede in the face of a conclusive loss to President-elect Joe Biden. Will he? Won’t he? What if he does? What if he doesn’t?

I don’t care what Trump does unless he manages, as he well might, to do still more damage to our nation.

I implore the media: Make Trump a footnote. Don’t report each shift of the winds, or his golf trips, or his whims and tweets. He’ll do anything to keep our eyeballs on him. Please don’t give him the satisfaction of reporting every stupid lie and outrage.


A toddler who gets attention having tantrums will continue misbehaving. A bully who gets attention by bullying will not stop. Let the conservative media have him; as for you, please just report the news.

Laurie Indenbaum, Athens, Vt.


To the editor: Americans, democracy and the Constitution face their greatest threat since the Civil War. Election officials across the country attest that the vote went surprisingly well and they saw no evidence of fraud or irregularity.

I am not shocked that this president refuses to cede power. But the willingness of prominent Republicans such as Sens. Ted Cruz (of Texas) and Lindsey Graham (of South Carolina) to indulge Trump’s narcissistic mania and forswear their oath of office to protect and defend the Constitution is a disgrace.

This potentially endangers the lives of election officials (who are reportedly getting threats) and poses a grave danger to democracy and America’s standing in the world.

Gary Hirsch, Pacific Palisades


To the editor: After Saturday afternoon’s football contest between the UCLA Bruins and Colorado Buffaloes, UCLA head coach Chip Kelly shook hands with the opposing players and coaches and stoically trotted off the turf.

A stronger leader would’ve refused to concede defeat, snubbed the victors and assembled a legal team to dispute the results. Lawsuits should have been filed against the University of Colorado and the PAC-12. There were a number of questionable calls in the second half, and if the game wasn’t outright rigged for the home team, the field was definitely tilted in its favor.

Additionally, there were no observers allowed into the stadium. If that’s not pretty damning evidence of corruption, what is?

I’m obviously disappointed that my team was cheated out of a victory, but what really galls me is the weak example this sets for my youngest and most impressionable son. Lord knows his mother and I aren’t raising any pusillanimous losers.

David Sheehan, Redlands


To the editor: Trump’s supporters should look at the bright side. In two and a half months, they can start complaining about the national debt again.

William P. Bekkala, West Hollywood