Letters to the Editor: Lame-duck Trump is doing permanent damage to this country. He must be stopped

The White House on Nov. 18.
The White House on Wednesday.
(Associated Press)

To the editor: Jonah Goldberg’s statement we should let President Trump continue to insist he did not really lose to President-elect Joe Biden is irresponsible.

The president and his supporters are poisoning our faith in America’s voting process and the democratic system. They sink into delusion and cannot believe reality.

Nurses are treating patients who die denying that they have COVID-19, a dissonance with reality found in cults. It reminds me of Jonestown, where hundreds of victims were told to drink poison-laced punch.


Coddling Trump and fostering his poisonous conspiracies weakens America and aids its enemies.

Lloyd Dent, Northridge


To the editor: Goldberg accurately states that Trump “won’t really be gone” after Jan. 20. In fact, he’ll be leading the de facto opposition to Biden.

Trump’s stranglehold on his base will continue, much to the chagrin of GOP politicians who will still have to cower to Trump’s demands that they vote against anything Biden tries to do to help the country.

As an independent, I don’t see this as left versus right, but rather reality versus fantasy. Trump’s biggest “success” was his ability to manufacture fictional universes to cover up his failings and portray himself as the best at everything.

Contesting the election is not about overturning it. Rather it is about maintaining his bond with the millions of Americans who will believe his lies in perpetuity — or at least long enough for him to run in 2024.

Mark Chipman, San Diego