Letters to the Editor: The U.S. strategy in Afghanistan is endless war. Bring our troops home now

U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan in 2015.
U.S. soldiers at an Afghan national army base in the Khogyani district in 2015.
(Noorullah Shirzada / AFP/Getty Images)

To the editor: Staying one more day in Afghanistan is not worth any more deaths or injuries to members of the U.S. armed forces or their families. (“The U.S. is rushing to the exit in Afghanistan. The Taliban is filling the gaps,” Dec. 7)

We need to accept the facts about Afghanistan. No one has ever controlled the whole country. When we had more than 100,000 troops there we might have controlled the cities, but not the countryside.

We have been training Afghanistan’s security forces for more than 17 years. I guess we must be poor teachers, because I was very good at my job in the military after just one year of training and another year on the job.


So, it really doesn’t make a difference whether we leave tomorrow or in 2030, because Afghanistan will end up in a civil war.

Pushing through a complete U.S. military departure from Afghanistan in the next two months is not precipitous. After nearly 20 years of war, it is long overdue. While other nations have spent the bulk of their treasure on their people, Americans have invested in a state dedicated above all to preparing for and waging war.

The only thing President-elect Joe Biden needs to know about Afghanistan is that the way to honor all those killed in this endless war is to stop the bleeding and bring our troops home now.

Jeff Merrick, Long Beach

The writer is a board member for Military Families Speak Out.


To the editor: Why is the U.S. withdrawing troops from Afghanistan at this crucial time? It is not for strategic reasons, as no American general approves of this move.


No, it is done on a sick, vengeful whim of the president, who is doing all he can to make it difficult for Biden even though this endangers U.S. and even global security.

Rico Gardiner, San Diego