Letters to the Editor: Archbishop Gomez’s poor treatment of Joe Biden makes him unfit for L.A.

A portrait of José H. Gomez inside a church building.
Los Angeles Archbishop José H. Gomez, now the head of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, in 2016.
(Patrick T. Fallon / For The Times)

To the editor: Judging by Los Angeles Archbishop José Gomez’s cold reception of Joe Biden as president, the head of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops thinks he’s been promoted to God. It’s guys like him that drove me away from the Catholic Church.

Who does he think he is, sitting in judgment on the president of the United States, a most devout and sincerely religious man?

Gomez’s committee of Catholic archbishops is a group of religious zealots that in 2016 turned a blind eye to Donald Trump’s behavior. Now, it is zeroing in on a single issue: the current president’s position on abortion. Does Gomez not know that the president must observe the Constitution’s 1st Amendment mandate of separation of church and state?


This man has no business presiding over the Catholic Church in Los Angeles, a diverse city of people who, by and large, get along. OK, at least we’re working on it.

My point is, Gomez needs to be assigned somewhere else. That’s the way the church deals with its problem clergy, isn’t it?

Diann Dumas, Los Angeles


To the editor: Why were American bishops so positive about an obviously morally decrepit president in Donald Trump but now are so cold toward Biden, who wears his Catholic faith on his sleeve?

To me, the answer is obvious. It has to do with words versus action. Our morally challenged ex-president defended religious liberty and stood up for unborn life.

In contrast, Biden and other Catholic Democrats like Gov. Gavin Newsom and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-San Francisco) talk the good talk, but they hold political positions that are fundamentally at odds with the Catholic faith.


Jack Kaczorowski, Los Angeles


To the editor: Jesus reached out to thieves, lepers, foreigners and prostitutes. Maybe that’s why the U.S. bishops felt compelled to do so with Trump.

Biden has a conscience, prays and hesitates to pass judgment on those who may not think like him. I understand that the abortion issue is very complex and one that doesn’t just magically disappear for those who have had to make that decision.

If the bishops truly plan to slight the president, they should be reminded of Jesus’ words in the Gospel of John: “He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.”

Colleen Triesch, Long Beach