Letters to the Editor: Catholic leaders may be cold to Biden, but parishoners see a lot to like

President Biden and First Lady Jill Biden wave as they ride in the presidential limousine Jan. 20.
President Biden and First Lady Dr. Jill Biden wave as they ride in the presidential limousine Jan. 20.
(Adam Schultz / White House)

To the editor: I really related to the article on what Joe Biden’s presidency means to this country’s millions of lay Catholics.

I am a Catholic who was also a Republican but is now independent who has similar views, I think, to President Biden. Difficult as it may seem, I try to compartmentalize my moral and political feelings.

I completely agree that women have the right to choose regarding abortion, but I also feel that it is morally wrong to end a fetal life, and I have had to put these beliefs to the test in my family. Similarly, I agree that contraception should be available and that the marriages of same-sex couples should be legally sanctioned.


Controversial, I know!

I appreciate Biden’s deep faith. What a breath of fresh air.

Kathy Biggs, Valencia


To the editor: Good article. The only way for a Roman Catholic president to handle the discussion of a woman’s right to an abortion is to explain the following:

“Abortion is a moral evil because it is the act of killing human life. I do not support abortion, but I do not oppose the right of a woman to have one. Just as a woman’s right is legally protected, any person’s right to conscientiously abstain from facilitating abortion must also be protected.”

This explanation is the correct position of any committed Christian public figure, office holder or judge. Either Biden does not believe that explanation, or he does not want to be caught saying the part about “killing human life.”

We will never know, since he’ll fail to lead on the issue.

Larry Lacombe, Los Angeles


To the editor: The Times contrasts Biden’s policies with the more proscriptive views of church leaders. What about the opinions of parishioners, especially with regard to birth control and homosexuality?


As a 2016 Pew poll of lay Catholics pointed out, most said they did not believe using birth control was wrong, nor did the majority say homosexuality was morally wrong.

Contrary to the restrictive views of the church, the majority of practicing Catholics would appear to have no moral problem with Biden’s views.

William K. Solberg, Los Angeles