Letters to the Editor: What will anti-Asian bigots do if an Asian doctor treats them for COVID?

Haijun Si stands in front of his Ladera Ranch home as neighbors gather in front to form a nightly security detail on Feb. 25.
(Los Angeles Times)

To the editor: It is truly disturbing how so many Americans have emerged as outright racists. It is even more alarming that the racist terrorization of Haijun Si’s family in Ladera Ranch has been carried out largely by children and teenagers in the neighborhood.

Even if the pandemic is the fault of the Chinese government, why should the entire population of Asian Americans be taking the blame? According to the U.S. Census Bureau, more than 8.5% of all essential healthcare workers and 16.2% of workers in the pharmaceutical and medical manufacturing sectors are Asian and Pacific Islanders, so will these haters reject a ventilator manufactured in Asia or administered by an Asian healthcare provider should the need arise?

Punishing the kids alone will not solve the problem since the root of the problem is likely their parents. That Si’s neighbors voluntarily come to his aid is laudable. The question, however, is why should that even be necessary.


John T. Chiu, Newport Beach


To the editor: It can happen here. If we allow hate to run unchecked, it will create an environment where so much pain will be inflicted that we all suffer.

According to The Times, an Asian family consisting of a dad and mom and their two grade-school children who recently moved into their neighborhood are being harassed because of some ignorant idea that they personally brought a virus with them from China. Doorbells are rung in the middle of the night, rocks are thrown, racial slurs made.

Well my friends, I have something positive to tell you. There is hope.

Since the vandals instigated their terrorizing, several neighbors of this scared family have taken to guarding the home. They work in rotation covering the areas where the youth congregate as well. Bless them.

What about the youth who joined in this ugly behavior? They will be voters one day. Perhaps some intervention now such as sensitivity training would be a good idea.

Let’s be vigilant, speak out and step up. Don’t let hate destroy our peace.

Michele Wilkosz, Los Alamitos



To the editor: While I know this is an article about a macro issue — the uptick in hate crimes against Asian Americans — what I came away thinking was this: Where the heck are the parents of these teens during a pandemic of hate and fear that has been inspired by the coronavirus?

My second thought was this: Californians, specifically Southern Californians, are better than this. But maybe not.

Kudos to the neighbors who joined together to fight this. They make me feel hopeful about the future.

Randy Farhi, Leimert Park


To the editor: Does the fact that former President Trump is still (as of Sunday) referring to this plague in the racial terms he uses have any bearing here?

Doug Stokes, Duarte