Op-Ed: Culture chameleon: As a Korean American, I often feel pressured to change who I am

Illustration of a Korean woman in traditional clothing with a red, white and blue hat and a chameleon on her shoulder
(Robin Ha)

Robin Ha is a Korean American cartoonist based in Washington, D.C. She is the author of “Almost American Girl: An Illustrated Memoir” and “Cook Korean!: A Comic Book With Recipes.”

Illustration of chameleons at a Korean restaurant.
Illustration of chameleons discussing Korean language.
Illustration of a chameleon discussing Korean language boundaries.
Illustration of a chameleon meeting an ex-boyfriend's father.
Illustration of a chameleon being told a story about the Korean war.
Illustration of a chamelon laughing off microaggression.
Illustration of a Korean American chameleon with pink and blue chameleons flanking her.
Illustration of a chameleon speaking with other like-minded chameleons.
Illustration of chameleons saying "you are perfect the way you are."
(Robin Ha)

Twitter: @RobinHaART