Op-Ed: Who returns their pandemic pets? For years, my shelter pet has been rescuing me

Illustration of a women and her cat looking out the window
(Nathan Gray)

Fumiko Chino and Nathan Gray were colleagues at Duke University Medical Center when they began collaborating on their first graphic op-ed. This one is inspired by the sadness of seeing people return shelter pets as the pandemic lockdowns end — and features Franklin, a devoted rescue cat who has been an anchor for Chino through both triumph and trauma.

Illustration of a man and a woman walking into a pet rescue
Illustration of a car in a cityscape

Illustrations of a new cat at home
Illustration of a woman and her cat looking out a window
Illustration of  a cat asleep on a computer keyboard

Illustrations of a cat looking sick and being taken to the vet
Illustration of a cat walking inside a home
Illustration of a woman and her cat on a computer screen viewing other animals

A woman and her cat look at a computer screen against a night sky
(Nathan Gray)

Fumiko Chino is a radiation oncologist at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. @fumikochino

Nathan Gray is an assistant professor of medicine and palliative care at Duke University School of Medicine and an artist who draws comics on medical topics. @NathanAGray