Letters to the Editor: I’m transgender. Why are my rights still up for debate?

Signs supporting transgender rights are seen outside Wi Spa in Koreatown on July 3.
( Los Angeles Times)

To the editor: I’m transgender, and I’ve been attacked for using women’s spaces. (“Transgender spa customers have the same rights as everyone else,” editorial, July 6, and “Men are women’s oppressors. How should this affect transgender rights?” letters, July 9)

A woman screamed at me for being in a bathroom, left, then came back to scream at me more once I was inside the stall. I had to sit there making a plan for what I’d do if she tried to come inside the stall to fight me: Should I defend myself, or would it be better to let her hit me and call for help?

Another time, a woman sat in the stall next to me, listened to the sounds my body made, then stood in the bathroom doorway to trap me there while she screamed at me.


These experiences are shockingly common. Trans women deserve to be protected from abuse and violence, including violent abuse in women’s spaces by other women.

It’s discouraging that our rights are still up for debate in 2021.

Lily Weaver, Los Angeles