Letters to the Editor: Will far-left, anti-Newsom Democrats give California a Republican governor?

Gov. Gavin Newsom listens to speakers at a news conference in Oakland on July 26.
(Jeff Chiu / Associated Press)

To the editor: The Times recently published a letter from a “socialist” Democrat who will vote to recall Gov. Gavin Newsom but is still “not complacent about the election” and as such “won’t vote for a Republican recall challenger.”

This writer (and perhaps Democrats across the state unfortunately) seems not to realize there are no prominent Democratic replacements on the ballot. So, a vote to recall Newsom is a vote for a Republican governor, even if the voter does not answer the second ballot question on which specific Republican they would like to see lead the state.

Newsom has not been perfect, but recalling him necessarily gets California a Republican governor.


This is only choice in September: Retain Newsom, or end up with a frequent Sean Hannity guest host or perhaps reality TV star with zero experience in public policy as governor.

James Chaneske, Tarzana


To the editor: For Californians who are considering voting to recall Newsom, I urge you to research the candidate currently leading in the polls, Larry Elder.

This conservative radio host wants to abolish the IRS, end welfare and has argued against the minimum wage, saying, “The correct minimum wage ought to be zero.” He believes that if states adopted the right to carry concealed weapons, there wouldn’t be as much violent crime. Is this what we want for California?

If Newsom is recalled, those of you who voted to oust him might get this unfortunate replacement. Whether you like Newsom or not, please consider the alternative.

Kendall Wolf, Encino