Letters to the Editor: We students are fine wearing masks. It’s adults putting us at risk

Students wear masks while attending summer school at Hawthorne High School on July 26.
(Los Angeles Times)

To the editor: Many students such as myself have been saying we are unfazed by wearing a mask and we might even feel a little naked without it. (“Masks at school? The kids are fine. It’s the parents who are acting like jerks,” editorial, Aug. 26)

Having spent a year and a half worried about what might happen to us and our loved ones, those of us in younger generations have done everything we can to protect ourselves and our families.

Something I have noticed personally is that the people who complain the most about wearing a mask tend to be baby boomers or Gen Xers. Adults often gripe about how uncomfortable masks are, but the kids and students I’ve talked to tend to say that sure, it’s a bit stuffy, but it’s better to wear a mask than get COVID-19.

Those putting us in danger of repeating the last year and a half seem to be adults, not kids.


Rachel Mendoza-Galindo, Orange


To the editor: The new and improved coronavirus — the Delta variant — will sicken and in some cases kill children. Most will be children of unvaccinated parents caught in their own homes.

Children are innocent, having no control over being born to parents who resist science, often based solely on their feelings, intuition or indoctrination. The children of such parents are as blameless as people born in countries such as Afghanistan or Haiti. It is for these innocents that I most grieve.

Most of Earth’s inhabitants do not enjoy the luxury of refusing the gift of life, grounded in decades of medical research and progress, that COVID-19 vaccines represent. As one letter writer recently put it, we are in the midst of the national HBSCYG stakes (“How Bloody Stupid Can You Get?”).

Jana K. Shaker, Riverside