Op-Ed: My memories of California, revived by fires

Illustration of verdant hills
(Kevin C. Pyle)

Kevin C. Pyle is an illustrator and the author of several graphic novels and nonfiction books, including “Migrant: Stories of Hope and Resilience.”

Illustration of a man holding his phone and a cup of coffee
A boy plays with toy soldiers on the rocky edge of a fountain
Illustrations of verdant hills and funerals at a cemetery
Illustration of a goat eating brush on a hillside as two people watch
Illustration of people watching fire footage on TV
Illustrations of fire footage on TV and Disneyland against an orange sky
Illustration of the hills on fire around the Getty Center
A map of where the many fires have struck in California
Illustration of hills on fire against a smoky sky
(Kevin C. Pyle)

Five years after his last visit, an artist returned to the U.S.-Mexico border wall to see what has changed. For a graphic op-ed, he drew what he saw.

May 23, 2021