Letters to the Editor: Unvaccinated cops and firefighters make me hesitant to call 911 for help

A police officer talks to two travelers while another man sits in a police vehicle.
Unmasked LAPD officers interact with masked travelers at Los Angeles Union Station on Aug. 11.
(Los Angeles Times)

To the editor: I am retired and 79 years old. I have multiple medical problems, including heart disease. Because I have a high risk of dying if I get COVID-19, I have carefully kept myself in a protective bubble for the last 18 months. (“L.A. police, fire agencies hotbeds of vaccine opposition — and coronavirus outbreaks,” Sept. 26)

It is unconscionable that if I call the police or the fire department in a medical emergency, there is a substantial risk that the first responders would be unvaccinated and more likely to expose me to COVID-19.

Vaccination for fire and police personnel must be mandated for their continued employment now.

Jeoffry Gordon, Venice



To the editor: It is outrageous that our “heroic” first responders in the police and fire departments are among the strongest opponents of COVID-19 vaccines.

Indeed, as reported by The Times, this refusal to become vaccinated and “protect and serve” the citizens is partially attributable to the plague of toxic masculinity that had surfaced because of our polarized politics and the sentiment that “real men don’t need vaccinations.” It’s shameful and sad.

As a progressive, I have always been against the notion of “defunding” the police. However, if our public servants refuse to engage in and demonstrate health safety in a leadership role, I would no doubt support defunding those who threaten our collective health and safety.

Michael Schneider, Irvine


To the editor: Fire these first responders. I don’t want someone who’s carrying a deadly and transmissible disease to come “help” me.

Barbara Schiffler, Encinitas