Will Donald Trump crash the Golden Globes?

Will Donald Trump crash Hollywood’s Golden Globes party?

David Horsey / Los Angeles Times

With the Golden Globes on Sunday, we have entered the heart of the awards season. The Grammys are coming up and, at the end of February, the big one: the Academy Awards. With so much attention aimed at so many stars, how will the country’s biggest political prima donna be able to resist a grab for the spotlight?

For more than half a year, Donald Trump has demonstrated the power of celebrity. He has taken and held the lead in the race for the Republican presidential nomination largely through his ability to hog attention. The media reaction to Trump has been truly Pavlovian; Trump rings the bell of controversy, and political reporters and pundits start salivating and wagging their tails.

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This last week, Trump managed to grab a prominent spot on the cable and broadcast news shows for several days with the cheapest of cheap shots: attacking Bill Clinton’s legendary horniness. In the 1990s, comedians and cartoonists mined the details of Clinton’s seamy sex life for every last ounce of satire. Who knew anyone could still find a nugget of interest in this overworked material?


Apparently Trump knew. Just a few tweets about the randy days of Hillary Clinton’s once-wayward husband got Trump another several days of free publicity. Trump is hooked on the attention. Whenever the political chatter begins to veer toward other candidates, The Donald pulls up Twitter and sends out another 140 characters of insult and bombast.

Soon, the Hollywood stars will begin striding down the red carpets, getting interviews and face time on camera. How can Trump not want to be there, too? Maybe he will not physically crash the party, but he doesn’t have to. Imagine if Jeffrey Tambor picks up some gold for his portrayal of a transsexual in “Transparent” or Eddie Redmayne is a winner for a similar role in “The Danish Girl.” Trump could quickly tweet something about perverts and political correctness and instantly be in the news. What if Julia Louis-Dreyfus gets another award for “Veep,” in which she plays a self-promoting, wildly incompetent female president? The Trump tweet comparing Julia to Hillary writes itself.

And, should “Max Max: Fury Road” come up with a Golden Globe, Trump could boldly tweet a claim to be the perfect leader for a dystopian future where everyone is angry and the biggest bully rules. For once, he would not be exaggerating.


Note to readers: Watch for an expanded version of my Trump-on-the-red-carpet cartoon in Saturday’s edition of The Times and see what all the other characters have to say.


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