The Times podcast: Why Hollywood’s Latino representation problem persists

Jimmy Smits in “In the Heights”
Jimmy Smits as Kevin Rosario in Warner Bros. Pictures’ “In the Heights.”
(Macall Polay / Warner Bros.)

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The greaser. The hot tamale. The gangster. The maid. The narco. These and other stereotypes are how Hollywood has traditionally portrayed Latinos for over a century. Even as they have become America’s largest minority, and as their box-office clout has increased, tired tropes continue.


Today, the L.A. Times published a huge package about Hollywood’s Latino culture gap, and this episode is a continuation of that coverage. We’re going to talk about this forever trend with legend Edward James Olmos and beloved star Cristela Alonzo. Host Gustavo Arellano will also weigh in on controversy surrounding the recently released film “In the Heights” and its lack of full Afro-Latino representation.

Host: Gustavo Arellano

Guests: Actor Edward James Olmos, and actor and writer Cristela Alonzo

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