Vegetable Scraps Broth

Time30 minutes
Vegetable broth and scraps
Vegetable Scraps Broth from Anne-Marie Bonneau’s cookbook, “The Zero-Waste Chef: Plant-Forward Recipes and Tips for a Sustainable Kitchen and Planet.”
(Ashley McLaughlin / Avery / Penguin Random House)

Freeze everything until you have amassed enough scraps to make a batch of broth. Because you’ll find the bits easier to remove from jars once they’ve thawed somewhat, plan ahead a little bit, if possible.


Place the scraps in a large pot and just barely cover with water. Don’t worry if some bits poke through the surface. After simmering, the scraps will soften and shrink down. Bring to a boil, reduce the heat to low and simmer for 20 to 30 minutes.


Place a metal colander lined with a thin kitchen towel, cheesecloth or nut milk bag inside a large metal bowl and gently pour in the contents of the pot. Let stand until cool enough to handle, then gather the edges of the cloth to form a ball around the scraps and twist and squeeze out as much broth as you can. Compost the scraps.


Use the broth immediately, store it in the refrigerator or, once it cools, freeze it in jars or ice cube trays.

Adapted from Anne-Marie Bonneau.