Clippers lose another starter when Danilo Gallinari can’t play because of a bruised hand


Danilo Gallinari sat in his chair inside the Clippers’ locker room Friday night with his bruised right hand soaking in a bucket of ice water, his frustration visible because he was unable to play against the Phoenix Suns.

Gallinari alternated between putting his injured hand in the cold water and connecting it to a stimulant device.

He injured the hand during the fourth quarter Thursday night at Golden State. An X-ray taken after the game was negative for a broken hand, but he’ll get another X-ray and further examination Saturday in Los Angeles.


Gallinari said there still was some swelling and pain in his hand.

“I can barely open up a bottle of water,” he said. “I can’t move it. I can’t squeeze it. I can’t do anything.”

The Clippers next play Tuesday night against the Nuggets in Denver. Gallinari is not sure if he’ll play against the Nuggets, the team the Clippers acquired him from last summer in a three-team, sign-and-trade deal.

“The first X-ray says nothing is broken,” Gallinari said. “That’s a good thing. But we’re going to do more exam tomorrow when we come back to L.A. I’m going to see the hand doctor. I’m going to do everything.

“It got worse last night. It’s just bad. This morning I was trying to brush my teeth and I couldn’t. That’s where I’m at right now.”

Clippers coach Doc Rivers said guard Avery Bradley, who missed his second consecutive game because of a sports hernia, got another medical opinion Friday. Rivers said before the game Friday that he had not yet been given an update on Bradley.

“It’s been like this all year,” Rivers said about his team’s injuries. “It’s not even surprising anymore, so you just kind of play what you got and figure it out. Our guys have done it all year.


“We were laughing in our locker room that everyone has started at least one game so it’s not like whoever you chose won’t be ready. That’s what we preach every day so guys will be ready.”

Both Gallinari and Bradley are starters, so not having them in the lineup affects the Clippers’ continuity.

“We’ve been playing so well and having them both out right now is obviously not the best time,” Rivers said. “We’re hoping we can get them both back quickly. But the games still go on and we still got to win games. So it doesn’t really matter. I don’t worry about not having that continuity. I’m worried about winning this game.”

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