Dodgers Dugout: That was almost an amazing comeback

Will Smith scores on a Cody Bellinger triple with two out in the ninth inning in Game 2.
(Robert Gauthier / Los Angeles Times)

Hi, and welcome to another edition of Dodgers Dugout. My name is Houston Mitchell, and that wasn’t a fun game to watch.

Some random Game 2 thoughts:

—The Braves won the first half of the game, 6-0. The Dodgers won the second half, 7-2.

—I haven’t had time to look it up, but judging by the emails I received from fans who have already given up, here’s guessing no team in history has ever rallied from an 0-2 deficit to win an LCS. Might as well pack it up and go home. I don’t think a team has even won a game after being down 2-0. There’s no reason to even play the rest of the series.

—A couple of people emailed me that they are embarrassed by this team and embarrassed to be Dodgers fans. That’s really a sad statement to be telling anyone. I just don’t understand that type of mentality.


Tony Gonsolin just ran out of gas. Everyone noticed except, apparently, the people who decide when the pitcher should be removed.

—I don’t really blame Gonsolin. He was treated as an afterthought most of the season, and hadn’t pitched since Sept. 26.

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—The soft underbelly of the Dodgers’ bullpen, namely Pedro Baez and Alex Wood, gave up what proved to be very costly runs.

—Why do you have a left-handed specialist such as Adam Kolarek in the bullpen if you aren’t going to use him to face Freddie Freeman in a key situation like the fifth inning?

—If it’s because he’d have to face right-handed Marcell Ozuna after Freeman, then you have to ask yourself, is it even worth having a left-handed specialist on the roster during the postseason?

—And then you bring in Kolarek later anyway and he gives up what proves to be the winning run.

—I would much rather have seen Kolarek face Freeman and Ozuna than Baez face them. Stop letting Freeman beat you.

—No pressure at all today on Julio Urías.

—The Dodgers get a break in Game 3, as they don’t have to face Max Fried or Ian Anderson. Instead, they get Kyle Wright, who had a 5.21 ERA during the season.

—How about getting a few hits early and taking the lead? That would be a nice switch.

—I finally figured out why Joe Buck isn’t my favorite baseball broadcaster. Yes, he seems to hate the Dodgers (though not as much this year), but there was always something else I couldn’t quite put my finger on. But it dawned on me in Game 2: He describes games like a radio announcer, like we can’t see what is going on in front of us. When a ball if obviously hit foul, the camera won’t even follow it, but Buck describes it until it reaches the stands. He describes every pitch. Most announcers don’t do that.

—I said all along, Dodgers in six, and I stick by it.

It’s not impossible

Of the 85 teams that have trailed 2-0 in a best-of-seven MLB playoff series, only 13 have come back to win. Six of those series involved the Dodgers. A look:

2004 ALCS*

Boston Red Sox d. New York Yankees, 4-3

1996 World Series

New York Yankees d. Atlanta Braves, 4-2

1986 World Series

New York Mets d. Boston Red Sox, 4-3

1985 World Series

Kansas City Royals d. St. Louis Cardinals, 4-3

1985 ALCS

Kansas City Royals d. Toronto Blue Jays, 4-3

1985 NLCS

St. Louis Cardinals d. Dodgers, 4-2

1981 World Series

Dodgers d. New York Yankees, 4-2

1978 World Series

New York Yankees d. Dodgers, 4-2

1971 World Series

Pittsburgh Pirates d. Baltimore Orioles, 4-3

1965 World Series

Dodgers d. Minnesota Twins, 4-3

1958 World Series

New York Yankees d. Milwaukee Braves, 4-3

1956 World Series

New York Yankees d. Brooklyn Dodgers, 4-3

1955 World Series

Brooklyn Dodgers d. New York Yankees, 4-3

*-Also trailed 3-0 in the series.

Dodgers-Braves schedule

Here’s the NLCS schedule. The Dodgers will be the home team for Games 1, 2, 6 and 7. All times are Pacific. All game at Arlington, Texas.

Game 1: Atlanta 5, Dodgers 1

Game 2: Atlanta 8, Dodgers 7

Game 3: Today, 3 p.m., Dodgers (Julio Urías**) vs. Atlanta (Kyle Wright), FS1, AM 570

Game 4: Thursday, 5 p.m., Dodgers (TBD) vs. Atlanta (TBD), Fox and FS1, AM 570

Game 5*: Friday, 5 p.m. (if ALCS still playing) or 6 p.m. (if ALCS not playing), Dodgers (TBD) vs. Atlanta (TBD), FS1, AM 570

Game 6*: Saturday, 1:30 p.m. (if ALCS still playing) or 4 p.m. (if ALCS not playing), Atlanta (TBD) vs. Dodgers (TBD), FS1, AM 570

Game 7*: Sunday, 5:15 p.m., Atlanta (TBD) vs. Dodgers (TBD), Fox and FS1, AM 570

*-If necessary


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And finally

Dodgers stun Phillies with three-run ninth in 1977 NLCS Game 3. Watch it here.

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