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Baseball: Freshman Jaden Fein creating buzz at Royal

Jaden Fein
6-foot-3 freshman Jaden Fein of Royal
(Eric Sondheimer)

When 14-year-old freshman Jaden Fein of Simi Valley Royal is working out with his teammates, he tries to be inconspicuous. He wants to earn respect among the seniors.

But at 6-foot-3, Fein stands outs among any group of players and people are always asking, “Who’s that guy?”

It hasn’t taken long for him to make it clear he’s ready to play varsity baseball in the spring.

He went five for six recently in a winter game.


He’s playing in the infield and outfield, but his future could be at any number of positions.

What’s certain is that his name will be near the top of any list of top freshmen, and college recruiters will be heading to Simi Valley to see what all the fuss is about.