Baseball: Hall of Famers Eddie Murray and Ozzie Smith return to Locke High

<p>Baseball Hall of Famers Eddie Murray and Ozzie Smith honored at Locke High.</p>

It was quite a scene Saturday at Locke High, where former teammates and baseball Hall of Famers Eddie Murray and Ozzie Smith returned to their alma mater in Los Angeles’ Green Meadows neighborhood to participate in the dedication of a baseball-softball complex now known as Eddie Murray & Ozzie Smith Field.

It took years, but the baseball field was finally refurbished. The grass is pristine and the infield is smooth. There are new dugouts, a new scoreboard and two murals honoring Murray and Smith, who were teammates at Locke in 1973.

“I’m very humbled and honored to be in your presence,” Smith told a gathering of Locke alumni. “I cannot tell you how it makes me feel ... how proud I am to be able to go around and tell people where I went to school and having the opportunity I did.”

Said Murray: “I never stopped talking where I came from.”

Locke’s current players love their new field and the fact that two Hall of Famers played for the Saints.

“We appreciate what they accomplished,” senior first baseman Jonathan Tiznado said.


Green Dot Public Schools now runs Locke, which has undergone extensive changes since the days when Murray and Smith were around.

Both came to the school on Friday to speak with baseball and softball players. Both are hoping to inspire students to strive to be the best.

“We need to get our kids back to learning how to dream,” Murray said.

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