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CIF could be headed to eliminating language from athletically motivated transfer rule

Commissioners of the CIF continued their discussion on Monday in San Diego toward putting together a proposal that would eliminate language that has given them the authority to make players ineligible for an athletically motivated transfer based on being unhappy with a coach.

One way commissioners have been able to declare players ineligible is when schools show that the parents or the student got into an argument or expressed displeasure with a coach.

That’s the language that would be eliminated under an expected proposal to be voted on by member schools next year, Executive Director Roger Blake said.

Rule 510 has a component where a verbal disagreement with a coach and then a transfer can be evidence of an athletically motivated transfer.


There’s a feeling that parents who know the rule, objected to a coach but didn’t say anything have been able to transfer without any problems. But parents who didn’t know the rule and made a scene about a coach faced a different outcome.

It will be up to the more than 1,500 schools that make up the CIF to vote on whether to eliminate the language.

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