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Football: Size matters for offensive lines at St. John Bosco, Long Beach Poly

If they had an eating contest between the offensive lines of St. John Bosco and Long Beach Poly, they’d probably run out of food.

When the two teams meet in a Pac-5 Division semifinal showdown on Friday night at Cerritos College, the play of the offensive lines will be as huge as the players themselves.

St. John Bosco had the consensus No. 1 offensive line last season, and the Braves have been quietly making weekly improvement with a group of young players that will be future stars. They include 6-foot-4, 295-pound sophomore Wyatt Davis. And the Braves have seniors Matt Katnik (6-4, 316 pounds) and Zach Robertson (6-5, 328 pounds) to train their “little brothers.”

Poly’s line came through with a clutch performance last week in the quarterfinals against Crespi, giving quarterback Josh Love the time to throw. And the Jackrabbits can certainly stand up to the Braves with 6-8, 330-pound Gabriel Rivera the biggest of the big.


The lines should have a little wager: Winner buys lunch, though that could be a big bill.





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