College Football: Times top 25

College Football: Times top 25

Oklahoma running back Daniel Brooks (34) is tackled by Iowa State linebacker Levi Peters (35) during the fourth quarter last Saturday.

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This week’s ranking is led by Clemson and anchored by five teams from the Pac-12 and Big Ten conferences vying for a possible spot in the Rose Bowl, which is typically a destination event but this season is being played the day after the two national semifinal games. A team to watch: Oklahoma. The Sooners are No. 16 now but can play rankings hopscotch with remaining games against Baylor, Texas Christian and Oklahoma State. Navy has arrived ashore just in time to possibly delay the final College Football Playoff bowl pairings. Those decisions are scheduled to be made Dec. 6, but the Army-Navy game is Dec. 12.

1; Clemson 9-0; Fans learn to storm field properly by attending Walmart clearance sales. (1)

2; Ohio State 9-0; Latest spin-the-starting-QB-bottle contest landed between J.T. Barrett and Hopalong Cassady. (4)

3; Alabama 8-1; Coach Saban’s wallet is thick with names of sportswriters who wrote his team off. (5)


4; Notre Dame 8-1; So many injuries this season that next man up on depth chart is listed as “Rudy.” (9)

5; Stanford 8-1; McCaffrey’s ability to play all hours earns Bill Haley’s Rock-Around-the-Clock award. (6)

6; Baylor 8-0; Oklahoma is first opponent on Bears’ schedule that currently owns a winning record. (7)

7; Oklahoma State 9-0; Cowboys really sneaked up on us — like old age and credit-card interest. (13)


8; Louisiana State 7-1; Holding Fournette to 31 yards like holding Jordan to two free throws and a layup. (2)

9; Utah 8-1; Utes won’t get national respect until they beat Alabama in a Sugar Bowl. Wait … (10)

10; Iowa 9-0; Can get to Big Ten title game without playing Ohio State, Michigan State or Michigan. (12)

11; Michigan State 8-1; Talk that officials had it in for Spartans at Nebraska is strictly out of bounds. (8)

12; Florida 8-1; No team should advance in polls after a 9-7 home win over Vanderbilt. (11)

13; Texas Christian 8-1; Best Dylan lyric to fit situation: “It’s not dark yet, but it’s getting there.” (3)

14; Michigan 7-2; Doctors say Coach Harbaugh mumbled “punt team” for first time since Michigan State loss. (14)

15; Temple 8-1; First team in history to move up two AP poll spots after allowing 40 points to Southern Methodist. (15)


16; Oklahoma 8-1; Laying in weeds preparing for sneak attack on playoffs. (19)

17; Houston 9-0; Last unbeaten from Group of Five teams that never had chance to make the playoff. (17)

18; North Carolina 8-1; Apologies for ignoring; we thought NCAA had shut the program down. (24)

19; Florida State 7-2; Players told that losing two ACC games will not necessarily affect their scholarships. (18)

20; Navy 7-1; Quarterback Reynolds is academy’s all-time leader in touchdowns … but not takeoffs. (NR)

21; Northwestern 7-2; Players received game plan pertaining to certain Purdues and Pur-don’ts. (NR)

22; UCLA 7-2; Pass-happy Washington State for 7:45 p.m. kickoff has print reporters punching clocks. (20)

23; Oregon 6-3; Vegas names slot machine after offense after it rolled out 777 (yards) versus California. (21)


24; USC 6-3; If Ronald Jones II is next Reggie Bush, someone better contact the compliance department. (22)

25; Wisconsin 8-2; Put in ranking after fairly intimidating phone call from committee member Alvarez. (NR)

Dropped out: Memphis (16), Duke (23), Toledo (25).

Moved in: Wisconsin, Navy, Northwestern.

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